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install Android Studio or the full SDK to get ADB & Fastboot platform tools

Drivers for use are included in v1.1 and v1.2 with the folder named "OTG-drivers"

Maui Meta also known as SP Meta is a Windows tool for Writing IMEI and fixing NVRAM of a Mediatek (MTK) Android phone. It also enables you modify certain info about the device.

Mediatek Android Phone's Firmware using SoftwareDownload tool

Date: 21-07-2020  | Size: 9.00 MB
Date: 21-07-2020  | Size: 32.00 MB
Date: 21-07-2020  | Size: 3.00 MB
Date: 21-07-2020  | Size: 33.00 MB
Date: 21-07-2020  | Size: 3.00 MB