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zte frp bypass solution free

Date 2020-04-09 14:16:19
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ZTE Remove FRP Tool  In FTM + EDL Mode 

Universal Tool For Unlock FRP ZTE One Click In 10 Se

100+ models Supporterd IN DTM ZTE FRP Tool
added ZTE Z835 FRP Remove
added ZTE Blade A520 FRP Remove
added Z981 FRP  Remove
added ZTE Z982 FRP Remove
added ZTE Blade V8 FRP



ZTE AT&T Touchscreen Control (V72M)
ZTE AT&T ZMax 3 (Z968)
ZTE Avid 4 (Z855)
ZTE Avid Plus (Z828)
ZTE Avid Trio (Z833)
ZTE Axon (A1R)
ZTE Axon 7 (A2017A)
ZTE Axon 9 Pro (A2019GPro)
ZTE Axon M  (Z-01K)
ZTE Axon M (Z999)
ZTE Axon Max (c2016)
ZTE Axon Mini (B2017G)
ZTE Blade A3 (A3)
ZTE Blade A4 (A0722)
ZTE Blade A6 (A0605)
ZTE Blade A6 (A0620)
ZTE Blade A6 Lite (A0622)
ZTE Blade A125 (A125)
ZTE Blade A320 (A320)
ZTE Blade A321 (A321)
ZTE Blade A330 (A330)
ZTE Blade A521 (A521)
ZTE Blade Force (N9517)
ZTE Blade MAX 2s (Z6410S)
ZTE Blade S7 (T920)
ZTE Blade Spark (Z971)
ZTE Blade T2 (Z559DL)
ZTE Blade V7 (V770)
ZTE Blade V8 (V0840)
ZTE Blade V8 Pro (Z978)
ZTE Blade V8Q (V0840)
ZTE Blade V9 (V9)
ZTE Blade V9 Vita (BLADEV9Vita)
ZTE Blade Vantage (Z839)
ZTE Blade V Ultra (VUltra)
ZTE Blade X (Z965)
ZTE Blade Z Max (Z982)
ZTE Compel (Z830)
ZTE CYMBAL (Z2301/Z230)
ZTE Fanfare (Z792)
ZTE Fanfare 3 (Z852)
ZTE Grand X (Z777)
ZTE Grand X (Z933)
ZTE Grand X2 (Z850)
ZTE Grand X 3 (Z959)
ZTE Grand X4 (Z956)
ZTE Grand X4 (Z957)
ZTE Grand X Max (Z787)
ZTE Grand X Max+ (Z987)
ZTE Grand X Plus (Z826)
ZTE Grand X View 2 (k81)
ZTE Imperial MAX (Z963u)
ZTE Jasper LTE (Z718TL)
ZTE Mamorino4 (ZTF32)
ZTE Maven (Z812)
ZTE Maven 2 (Z831)
ZTE Maven 3 (Z835)
ZTE MAX XL (N9560)
ZTE Nubia Z7 Max (NX505J)
ZTE N818S QLink (N818S)
ZTE Optus X Spirit 2 (Z5031O)
ZTE Orange Neva 80 (OrangeNeva80)
ZTE Orange Neva jet (Neva_jet)
ZTE Overture 2 (Z813)
ZTE Overture 3 (Z851m)
ZTE Prelude 2 (Z669)
ZTE Prelude Plus (Z851)
ZTE Prestige 2 (N9136)
ZTE Quartz Watch (ZW10)
ZTE Quest Plus (Z3001S)
ZTE Softbank Kids Phone (701ZT)
ZTE Sonata 2 (Z755)
ZTE Sonata 3 (Z832)
ZTE Speed (N9130)
ZTE Spro 2 Projector (MF97B)
ZTE Tempo X (N9137)
ZTE Trek 2 (k88)
ZTE Visible R2 (Z5151V)
ZTE Vodafone VFD 51X (vfd51x)
ZTE Vodafone VFD 82X (vfd82x)
ZTE Warp 7 (N9519)
ZTE Warp Elite (N9518)
ZTE Warp Sync (N9515)
ZTE Wireless Home Phone (WF722)
ZTE Wireless Home Phone (WF723)
ZTE Wireless Home Phone (WF723S)
ZTE Z667 AT&T GoPhone (Z667)
ZTE Z998 AT&T GoPhone (Z998)
ZTE ZFive2 (Z836f)
ZTE ZMAX 2 (Z955A)
ZTE ZMAX 2 (Z958)
ZTE Zmax Pro (Z981)
ZTE ZPad (k90u)

ZTE AT&T Primetime (k92)


  1.  FTM Method :  turning off the phone and then pressing the volume up key + the power key and the                                                        phone will enter the FTM mode and use the command
  2. EDL Cable Method : Bring a cable USB cable Then reveal the wires and connect (D+ with GND) As shown in the picture 


You can use the fire hose coil supplied with each model for 
Read Write erase Partitions using emmcdl commands 
emmcdl -p COM12 -f prog_emmc_firehose_***.mbn -d modem -o modem.bin
emmcdl -p COM12 -f prog_emmc_firehose_***.mbn -b modem  modem.bin 
emmcdl -p COM12 -f prog_emmc_firehose_***.mbn -e modem 

Examples: emmcdl -p COM8 -info
 emmcdl -p COM8 -gpt
 emmcdl -p COM8 -SkipWrite -SkipStorageInit -MemoryName ufs -f prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -x memory_configure.xml
 emmcdl -p COM8 -f  prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -x rawprogram0.xml -SetActivePartition 0
 emmcdl -p COM8 -f  prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -ffu wp8.ffu
 emmcdl -p COM8 -f  prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -d 0 1000 -o dump_1_1000.bin
 emmcdl -p COM8 -f  prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -d SVRawDump -o svrawdump.bin
 emmcdl -p COM8 -f  prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -b SBL1 c:tempsbl1.mbn
  emmcdl -p COM8 -f  prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -e 0 100
 emmcdl -p COM8 -f  prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -e MODEM_FSG




 emmcdl -p COM8 -f  prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn -raw 0x75 0x25 0x10