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iMazing macOS Special Edition

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Date 2020-06-29 14:58:02
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Software introduction


 iMazing macOS Special Edition is an excellent iOS device management, in addition to the official iTunes one of the best Apple mobile tools. Let trusted software transfer and save music, messages, files and data for you. Safely back up any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. iMazing is powerful and easy to use, and it's the best iOS device manager on Mac and PC. Friends in need are welcome to come to the Sixi download experience.


Software Description:

Copy music from any iOS device (even from one iOS device to another!); how to copy its music, you always want it to be able to restore unlimited individual iOS applications and custom saved data, Perfectly free up space on your iOS device without losing your files (or progress in the game) or copying the app as-is another iOS device.

About the company:

DigiDNA is an independent software developer, founded in 2008, called DigiDNASàrl, located in Geneva, Switzerland. In this quiet city near the snow-capped Alps, we wrote software with the pride and precision expected by Swiss craftsmen.

Our desktop software DiskAid is the first iOS file transfer tool. It quickly became a reference and was loved by millions. In 2014, we renamed the flagship product "iMazing" to "iMazing" to better reflect that it has become a powerful force for iOS management.


We are committed to helping users make the most of Apple’s mobile ecosystem by providing efficient, innovative and secure iOS device management solutions.


Our products proudly bear the Swiss label. This marks our commitment to quality and guarantees that our products are manufactured in Switzerland.

We have been looking forward to it. Our products and software are designed for development and innovation. Not only do we adapt to changing circumstances, but in the years to come, we will work harder and keep moving forward.

We believe that by constantly listening to user feedback, we can do better and provide the best experience. We believe that it is okay to disagree, if things are not going as expected or as expected, please feel frustrated. We also have opinions and share them on our blog.

Software features:

1. Transfer files from iOS devices and browse the iOS file system.

2. The software supports multiple languages ​​(including simplified Chinese).

3. Browse and save messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), voice mail and call logs, no iTunes can do it.

4. Browse, save and add contacts to your iPhone without automatically adding them to your iCloud account.

5. Manage any one of multiple same iOS devices and restore backup (similar to time machine iOS).

6. Use your iOS device like an external drive.

7. More functions are still waiting for you to discover.

Use note:

Prompt for damage, please open any source:
open the terminal, paste: sudo spctl --master-disable
Enter your power-on password , press Enter to
flash back:
turn off the Mac SIP system integrity protection
S1 restart the MAC, press cmd+R until the screen Apple logo and progress bar appear, enter Recovery mode
S2 Find the utility (the third from the left) in the toolbar at the top of the screen, open the terminal, enter: csrutil disable
S3 Turn off the terminal, restart mac

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