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Maikonger (mobile phone free ROOT)V1.61 free version

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Date 2020-06-29 14:56:21
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Software introduction


Maikonger (mobile phone free ROOT) is a mobile phone remote control software such as ROOT free remote screen control, SMS management, etc., you can easily use MK mobile phone remote control to test APP applications, play games, and efficiently complete some of the needs on the mobile phone. Complex work, more efficient work; can also make Android screen recording and screen capture more convenient, both developers and ordinary individual users are quite practical.


Brief introduction of functions:

Support USB mobile phone projection screen, remote projection screen + control, screen recording;

Support SMS management, address book management, contact management, etc.;

Support to modify mobile phone number, IMEI, IMSI, model, manufacturer, etc.;

Support screenshot, restart mobile phone, restart to flash mode;

Support file management (upload, download, modify permissions);

APP application management (install, uninstall system applications, close, start, hide icons, prohibit APP from running);

Process management (view and close the process);

Remote analog terminal.

Use tutorial:

First of all, you need to make the following settings on your mobile phone: open "mobile phone settings"-"developer options"-"open USB debugging";

Open the MK remote assistant, it will prompt to detect the device, after the detection is complete, you can view your mobile phone in the mobile phone list;

Select your phone, and then you can perform operations such as screen casting;

Note: Open USB debugging, different mobile phones have different opening methods, if you can't find the option, you can search for it yourself.

Use WIFI wireless connection:

Please use USB to connect to the computer for the first time.

When the phone and computer are successful, right-click the phone and select "Turn on WIFI mode"

Unplug your data cable, and then you can perform operations such as screen casting

If the WiFi is slow, you can go to the MK setting center to adjust the code rate;

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