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iphone professional unlock tool (iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius)v3.1.1 Official version

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iPhone Passcode Genius provides the easiest way to delete iPhone screen password, Apple ID and restrictions if you forget the password. With this intuitive tool, you can unlock your iPhone in minutes. Friends in need are welcome to come to the Sixi download experience.


Software features:

Forgot your iPhone passcode? Unlock now!

Is your iPhone locked? iPhone Passcode Genius can delete all types of lock screens for you, including 4-digit/6-digit passwords, Touch ID, Face ID or custom numeric codes, etc.

Delete Apple ID without password from iPhone

When you forget your Apple ID password, this iPhone’s Apple ID removal tool can help you unlock your Apple ID on the activated iPhone. You can benefit greatly from deleting your Apple ID:

1. Log in with another Apple ID account

2. Take advantage of all iCloud services and Apple ID features

3. Unable to track iPhone by previous Apple ID

4. Former Apple ID users cannot remotely block/erase the device

Note: When "Find My iPhone" is turned on, iOS 11.4 and later versions are not supported.

Bypass screen time password without data loss

iPhone Password Genius will quickly remove the screen time password from your iPhone without losing data in a few clicks.

Software function:

Regardless of whether the screen is old, new, second-hand or a broken screen iPhone, you can use the lock screen to unlock the iPhone.

Delete the locked Apple ID from your iPhone so that you can log in to another Apple ID or create a new Apple ID.

Remove the screen time limit without losing data.

Bypass the iPhone lock screen and Apple ID to regain full control of the device.

It is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface design, so everyone can use it.

Works normally on a Windows computer to unlock the iPhone.


1. Unlock iPhone lock screen

First, in order to make the software run smoothly, iTunes must be installed on the computer in advance.

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius on Windows computer. Then launch it and select "Unlock Lock Screen".

After that, you can click to start now.

Then, connect your iPhone to the computer and click "Next" to load the device information.

If your device cannot be recognized, you should manually put it into DFU/Recovery mode following the instructions on the screen to enable the program to detect the device.

Step 2: Download the firmware package online.

The software will automatically detect your device model, you need to set the save path, and then click Download to download the firmware package.

It takes time to download and verify the firmware.

Step 3: Unlock the iPhone screen.

Click Unlock to start the process. And you should pay attention to the following precautions:

1. After deleting the screen password, it will delete all data on iPhone/iPad.

2. Your iOS version will be updated to the latest version.

3. During this process, please make sure that your iPhone/iPad is connected to the PC.

After a few minutes, the screen lock will be removed from your iPhone.

Step 4: Successfully remove the iPhone screen lock.

2. Delete Apple ID from iPhone

First, you need to make sure that the iPhone is activated. Otherwise, the tool will not be able to help you delete the Apple ID from the iPhone without a password.

Step 1: Run iPhone Passcode Genius, and then choose to delete Apple ID.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and ensure that the iPhone screen is unlocked. Then tap "Trust" from the iPhone screen to allow "You can access your settings and data from this computer when connected."

Step 3: Click "Start" to delete Apple ID from iPhone.

If you have not turned on the "Find My iPhone" function in the past, the software will immediately delete your Apple ID.

You will delete your Apple ID within a few minutes. After that, you can log in with the new/different Apple ID.

However, after enabling the "Find My iPhone" feature, you need to reset all settings on the iPhone: click Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings. Then, enter the screen password to confirm the "Reset all settings" operation. After that, the program will delete your Apple ID and iCloud account within a few minutes.

Note: If you want to delete Apple ID from iPhone, you need to pay attention to the following requirements:

1. Your iDevice is activated;

2. If the device is running on iOS 11.4 and later, "Find My iPhone" must be disabled.

3. Delete screen time password from iPhone

If you want to delete screen time password from iPhone, this tool will be of great help to you. You can quickly remove the screen time limit without a password, and no data will be lost throughout the process.

Note: This function is only applicable to delete the screen time password in iOS 12 devices.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer.

After the computer detects your iPhone, you need to enter the password and trust your computer.

Step 2: Start the software and choose to delete the screen time password.

Step 3: Unlock the screen time and limit the password.

To delete the screen time password, you should first disable the "Find My iPhone" feature on the iPhone. Then, click the Start button to continue.

Then it will take a few seconds to unlock the screen time.

Finally, you will successfully delete the time password.

Appendix: How to put the device into DFU/Recovery mode

If the software fails to automatically detect your device during loading device information or unlocking, it will notify you to manually put it into DFU/Recovery mode. You can select the device and get instructions.

How to put iPhone in DFU mode:

How to put iPhone in recovery mode:

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